A Convincing 6-2 Victory to Busby Over Beith Under 19’s


Busby AFC walked away the victors with a convincing 6-2 victory over Beith under 19’s today on the astro. More terrible weather on the astro today, rain and ice cold wind meant for not the most pleasant conditions for today’s game. Busby AFC started the game strong by scoring 2 goals with striking precision within the first 5 minutes giving them a comfortable lead early on. Beith under 19’s made¬†a few opportunities but unfortunately never managed to capitalize with a goal leading up to half time.

Almost immediately after half time the striker for Busby AFC had an opportunity which turned into a moment of unexpected hilarity when the ball was saved by the keepers face in the most spectacular fashion! Busby AFC continued to apply pressure in the second half taking the score up to 3-0 with around 30 minutes left in the game. In the last 20 minutes both teams picked up the pace and there was a surprising onslaught of goals and explosive play ending with a final score of 6-2.

Both teams played fantastically today and it was a pleasure to watch, regardless of score it was a game well played with excellent sportsmanship from all players.



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