Autism Awareness Week at Beith Astro


April 2nd is the official Autism Awareness Day and we were all very keen to get involved. First we held a “Stand out for Autism” event at Beith Astro on 1st April where 30 members of the community including toddlers, children and some fabulous mums “stood out” in brightly coloured, fluffy and sparkly onesies to rise to our challenge. The challenge was this: To complete 500!!!! STAR JUMPS in 1 hour! Before we began the challenge we had a discussion with the eager kids about what they thought autism was and we had some very moving statements from children on their thoughts: One child said that they thought people with autism sometimes behave differently but that they don’t mean to …  and another child who has autism himself explained how he feels different emotions from other people sometimes, a statement which created a loud round of applause and a warm feeling of support within the group. Then the challenge began … Everybody made a great effort and between us we did 15,000 star jumps!! … Though there were some very tired looking bears, tigers and dragons by the end of it! We are really proud of everyone who came to take part in this event to raise awareness about autism. But it doesn’t end there …

On 2nd April we joined Barrington House for a sponsored walk to raise money for Autism Awareness. 22 people took part in the physical challenge which followed a 5 1/2 mile route from Beith Community Centre to Loch Shore and back. BCDT supplied a refreshments gazebo at the half way point to help the dedicated people from different organisations, members of the community and one very keen person who travelled all the way from Aaron this morning re- fuel before setting off for the second half of the walk. Thankfully the weather was beautiful and added to the excitement in the atmosphere which spurred everyone on to finish the walk and complete the challenge in good spirits! The bright blue T-shirts which represented the celebration of “Light it up Blue” made it hard to miss the wonderful people raising awareness about autism, a condition which will touch many of our hearts at some point. We can’t wait to hear how much money was raised in total J

We hope that through increasing awareness and understanding on this topic, people with autism can live in a more inclusive and positive environment within our community.


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