BCDT Gain Funding to Meet Local Aspirations


Beith Community Development Trust are delighted to announce that they have secured funding for the amount of £80,280 through the Scottish Government’s Strengthening Communities Programme. This sizable amount of money will be used to fund a development manager, with the aim of both strengthening and building the sustainability of BCDT.

Margaret Burgess, the Welfare and Housing Minister announced the list of around 50 community-led organisation that will receive investment to support regeneration throughout Scotland. Among the list is one of BCDT’s partner organisations, Linwood community Development Trust, both BCDT and LWCD have become strong community organisations and owe thanks to the Grow Trust, a local incubator organisation offering support where possible.

The Strengthening Communities Programme investment allows community organisations to increase their resilience and sustainability as a community anchor organisation; which aims to address the community’s needs and meet local aspirations. To date BCDT’s biggest and most successful enabling project has been the refurbishment of Beith Astro, a state of the art third generation Astro pitch, finding such as this allows the community led organisation to build upon this success.

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