Beith Juniors Girls Football does PlayMaker


I had the pleasure of joining the Girls Football team while they participated in their PlayMaker session again. This week they were working on team size and how much it affects a game. We played ‘traditional tig,’ for the first game, with one person het and the other 9 being chased. It took ages for that one person to catch everyone! After this we changed the rules, so that 3 people were het and the others were being chased. This time within 10 seconds everyone was caught!

After all that running about we came inside for a group discussion. We talked about how both these team’s sizes didn’t work and it was unfair on the other players. When there was only one person het it was too much for that person and they had no energy left by the end, but when there were 3 people all the other players didn’t get the chance to run. We discussed that the perfect number of players would be two het and the rest being chased. We then decided to see how hard it would be if there were 5 people het and 5 people running – turns out it is very, very difficult!!! The girls discussed the consideration of team size when they are coaching and that it can be different for all sorts of games, but they have to ensure fairness for all players.

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