Dalry Rovers Clutch Victory Over Valley Thistle


Dalry Rovers clutched out an extremely close game against Valley Thistle with a well deserved 4-3 victory this Wednesday!

Even though Dalry Rovers were the younger of the two teams they came out very confidently putting away 2 goals in a dominating first half. Valley Thistle going into the second half began to pick up the pace and apply pressure against Dalry Rovers, scoring a quick goal putting them on the board and bringing the score up to 2-1. This was immediately answered by another goal from Dalry Rovers significantly increasing their lead. With around 20 minutes left in the game the referee called a penalty for Valley Thistle giving them a chance to get back in the game which they scored! Around 5 minutes after the penalty Valley Thistle scored another goal bringing the score to a tie at 3-3!

With only 15 minutes left in the game both teams were playing very aggressively trying to get one last goal and snatch the victory and that’s exactly what happened! With 5 minutes left on the clock one of the Dalry Rovers players scored a spectacular goal from 20 yards out sending the ball rocketing into the the top left corner! A fantastic end to the game leaving the final score at 4-3 and a well deserved win for the Dalry Rovers who kept their composure┬áduring a suspenseful second half to steal the victory in the last 5 minutes.

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