Fantastic Day at the Corey Cup!



The Corey Cup was held today for the second year in a row down at Beith Astro. The Corey Cup was organized to celebrate the life of Corey Hamilton who was an avid Beith Juniors supporter player for the Beith 2004’s and some of his team mates were playing today for the Beith Teams. A Champion League style tournament with 7 primary schools competing and around 80 to 100 children made it a busy and exciting astro today! There was such a fantastic atmosphere today with music playing and the sun shining everyone was having a good time.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ms Guidi, a teacher from Beith Primary School who organizes weekly football training for the children every Thursday. She was down today to support the kids competing on behalf of the 2 Beith Primary School teams, I asked her what kind of benefits children receive from taking part in events like this out of the classroom. Ms Guidi explained that this gives the children a different learning experience from the classroom, for example outdoor learning helps children learn sportsmanship, respect for each other and team building skills. I was surprised to find out that for the 2 Beith teams each had a captain who organized the strips for their team and managed the team for the day, showing excellent leadership qualities at such a young age.

An intense tournament with amazing play from all of the teams involved, lead to a penalty shootout for the semifinal game between Beith and St Bridget’s. St Bridget’s won the penalty shootout knocking Beith out of the Cup and advancing to face last year’s champions Dalry. An almost evenly skilled match between St Bridget’s and Dalry ended with a score of 0-0 meaning it would be decided on penalties again! St Bridget’s were off to a good start with the first goal and with Dalry missing their first 2 shots. It looked like it was St Bridget’s to take until Dalry answered with 3 goals in succession taking the victory for the second year in a row!

Everyone I spoke to who came down had an amazing time and I can’t wait for it happen all over again next year!

Written By Jonathan Carruthers


Enjoy this clip of Dalry scoring the winning penalty and celebrating!


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