Dalry Rovers Clutch Victory Over Valley Thistle


Dalry Rovers clutched out an extremely close game against Valley Thistle with a well deserved 4-3 victory this Wednesday! Even though Dalry Rovers were the younger of the two teams they came out very confidently putting away 2 goals in …

Nia-Roo Reigns Victorious Over Glentyan Thistle


Nia-Roo put on a dominant performance against Glentyan Thistle this Saturday emerging victorious with a 3-2 victory advancing in the league. Nia-Roo came into this quarterfinal match with confidence after a 2-0 victory last Saturday against Springburn Thistle. Nia-Roo applying immediate pressure …

Grown Out of Your Boots? Come Trade Them In!


If you’ve grown out of your boots come trade them in at Beith Astro, there are pairs here that have people have handed in already and if you need a new pair of boots, help yourself to them! Below are …

Astro Tots Still At Large!


The Astro Tots are still at large in Beith Community Center! This cold weather is keeping the tots inside at the moment but still having a blast! Each week we have a whole bunch of fun activities and games that will …

Beautiful Beith Astro


We love our players to look their best. Massaged, tanned, waxed and buff. If you think you could be the person to supply these services to our customers and are suitably qualified, we would like to hear from you. Beith …

Want to party on the pitch?


Whether you’re planning a party for a Champion, a Princess or a Football Star we can help you find the perfect party package here at Beith Astro! With all this room to run around and so many fabulous activities available …

Join the revelation, I dare you!


Take a look at this video of Astro Bubble Balls and see if you can resist booking a game. Astro Ball is on Promotion Book now for just £10 per person.