Nia-Roo Reigns Victorious Over Glentyan Thistle


Nia-Roo put on a dominant performance against Glentyan Thistle this Saturday emerging victorious with a 3-2 victory advancing in the league.

Nia-Roo came into this quarterfinal match with confidence after a 2-0 victory last Saturday against Springburn Thistle. Nia-Roo applying immediate pressure knocked back a quick 2 goals with what seemed like minimal effort. Glentyan coming into the second half started to pick up the pace and scored a goal just entering the second half.

Nia-Roo answered back with another goal making the score 3-1 before conceding another goal making a final score of 3-2 to Nia-Roo. Even though the final score was close, the better team ended up on top! Nia-Roo came out strong, showing superior skill heading into the semi-final of the league cup.

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