Terrific Astro Tots at Beith Astro


Astro tots is an activity group for young children to get introduced to sports and physical activity. There are two sessions each Tuesday one for children aged 3 – 4 and one for children aged 5 – 6. For the younger children Astro Tots is a great chance to get introduced to exercise, learning new skills, improving hand eye coordination and learning to play football in a fun and social setting.

Astro Tots started out with only 3 children attending and has quickly jumped up to 8 kids a week! This has been made possible by the absolutely brilliant Steven Hamilton who is the coach and organiser for Astro Tots, he is so popular among the kids who attend that they keep asking their parents to go back every week!

For the younger session of 3 – 4 years old Astro Tots is the perfect way to introduce your child to physical activity, sport and the basics of football all in a fun environment with other children their age. This session is more fun based and gives children a chance to socialize with children their own age while playing games and sport based activities, for example sometimes they will take shots at the goal and have a competition to see who has the best celebration. This basically teaches the kids attending all of the skills for a new sport with none of the frustration or repetition of training drills. The response from everyone that attends is overwhelmingly positive.

The older session of 5 – 6 is a bit more structured than the younger session and builds upon the skill set of each child to improve their football skills. This session is more concentrated on learning the game and quite often they will have a match together. To my surprise the children are already very adept at the sport and have an understanding of the game that is deeper than my own! It is great seeing the children have so much fun and also learn a new sport which might develop into a hobby building on the foundation of skills they were taught at these sessions.

A fantastic class for your kids if you are looking to get them interested in sports or just to socialize with other kids their age outside and have a lot of fun. Steven Hamilton does an amazing job with all of the children and I can’t recommend his sessions enough, get your kids down to the Astro and see for yourself!


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